Still About You

In the beginning, my walls were up,
Higher than any horizon
My guard was up,
It inspired the royal guard.
My heart was made of stone,
It was harder than Stone Cold
In a steel cage,
One not even Nicholas Cage could break.
Then you came around.

You made my wall useless,
So useless like the American wall
The guard I had pride in,
Not enough to guard my falling heart
A heart that I thought was stone-hard
Melted like butter exposed to heat
And then from the cage I trusted,
The butterflies in my stomach flew.

And here I am now writing another poem
But now it’s not about how the 14th
The day of valentine
But at least it’s still about You
That’s how much you mean
And even when I hurt
It’s you my heart keeps choosing
‘Cause nothing else makes me feel as good as you do.

I always wondered how one can love someone so bad they’d stay even when it hurts.
Perhaps now I do
For you make me smile on my worst day like it’s my birthday
And even on the sad day, a honest chat with you brightens the day.
And so I’ll keep choosing you cause it’s you,
I’ll always love You Patricia

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