One beautiful morning, will free you from all pain

A beautiful morning will free you from all the pain, Glory, slander, wealth ,relation nothing will worry,
you will no longer tied to the life chain,

It doesn’t matter if spent whole life alone,
A beanfeast of people all in white will be in home,

Not sure if love for you will bring them, free snacks might,
How good u were will be the topic, how much they hated u in spite,

You will feel the vibes of people, and know who actually cried,
People will eventually introduce yourself deep inside,

In some nook , an old couple eyes will rain,
Their world will end , they will not see u again,

Emotions like hate, love, tears nothing will hurt,
You will be free soul, your peace cannot be abrupt,

The path you choosen will become example,
Some might take lesson, some like u will gamble,

Choose your path wisely, don’t leave only regret stain,
One beautiful morning, will free you from all pain

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