As passing by

A new day,
As passing by,
My heart chokes, as I turn my head.
Our eyes meet.
Here we’re again,
Consequences in the place between our thought, care & emotions
At the beginning of our aftermath.
Her broken stare on my shifting eyes.
And I’m being in my gloomy silent town,
In a loop, collapsing infinite memories.
My walls beginning to crumble.
Overcome by attachments,
Lift my eyes to her,
My mouth opens but no words.
I can see the sadness & anger.
I know the words she desires.
Her town full of peoples
Being isolated mine.
A different choice.
A world I can’t understand.
World full of lies.
The endless sky of stars & dreams,
Words still unspoken.
As two people might always love each other,
But will never end up together.
You think that everyone has the same heart as you
And that’s what gonna fuck you up.
With my unspoken words,
I moved away.
You know when the memories make you happy for a moment,
And suddenly makes you sad ,
Because now everything vanished.
Changed. Nothing matters at all.
How will I know?
I don’t.
I never will.
I missed the days when my smile used to be real.
The only clue I have to my life, is my name.
I follow it.
When the dreamer dies
What happens to the dreams?
With a hope that one day,
I can able to erase our attachments
And believing we will never meet,
As passing by.

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