That Night

The Carvaan strikes the tune of “Abhi na jao chod kar” as I turned it on all frustrated by this long, torturous insomniac nights. As the chilling breeze moved the curtains aside, it seemed as if the starless sky was calling me, so I lit a cigarette and dragged my armchair to the balcony for my mind to build a fantasy. As I gazed around from by balcony, I could clearly see a flickering light at the opposite balcony where lived a woman. This cold, dark night was not that cruel to bar me from seeing the beauty god wrapped her with. You might say I am being quixotic but that’s what these nights do to you. However, this happiness was short-lived as the sky had some other plans for the night as it opened up to quench the thirst of this Earth. Can’t remember when I took the last puff of that coffin nail but the conflagration was creeping right between my fingers

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