Penance and Pinnacle

There I see her hobbling along, with a huge load, her shoulders are laden…

Wincing at the agony, in a vain attempt maybe, to benumb or deaden!!

Trudging against storm up the climb so perilously steep and precipitous,

An attempt whose success, if not impossible, is serendipitous!

I hailed her, offered assistance, about her foray, did inquire…

For the endeavor so foolhardy, I needed to learn, of her need so dire!

She replied that its her bag of troubles, doubts and loads of worries,

Which she raked into a heap, bundled along with all her painful memories!!

The load is hers alone, to bear, from the abyss to the ultimate pinnacle…

Her triumph over all shackles of despair and every defeating manacle

Bidding adieu, in the journey against all odds and many a debacle,

there she lumbers on, in her venture towards a gloriously perfect miracle!!

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