A Dog & A Monkey

Oneday a Dog wanted to Become a Monkey ,
He Observed the Jumped made by a Monkey,
He thought, It’s easy to Jump like a Monkey,
He Jumped high in the air to hold the branch
But Fell down from a height with huge Jerk
The Monkey laughed a lot & Shouted at Dog,
You the foolish Dog , Are you a Donkey?

Overcome your demons

I chased the devil to fight my battle
Around my soul i could feel an angel
I had lost hopes to spark my candle
For my fears i discovered a channel
I chose this path,my thoughts got crinkled
My body felt as i am standing while it dribbled
I thought for a while how i could be so blissful
For this blessing to last i was ready to be deferential
Capture my soul and i ll be faithful
Hold my dreams and i ll be fateful
I ll sleep at ease as i heard a jangle
I found my heart balm all at a once
This feeling is just too mirthful
And my soul feels as in a muffle

Morning Activites


Morning is the Very Sweet Melody of sun ,
All Activities of the Earth, Get Ready to Run,
The Activities of Nature are Very lovely to See,
They Generate Peace of Mind & Make us Glee.


jab nakam hue the ek baar,
zindagi ke race me.
tab behen ne hi sambhala tha,
maa ke bhes me.
jab tuta tha dil humara,
aur chaknachur hua tha.
tab rota dekh bhai ne hume,
hal-ae-dil jaan liya tha.
jab tasvir vo humse tuti thi,
jo papa ko jaan se pyaari thi.
unhone gusse me hath uthaya tha,
tab maa ne gale se lagaya tha.
jab zid kar baithe the hum 1 khilone ke liye,
tab maa ne bht samjhaya tha.
rota dekh hume uske liye,
papa ne hume vo dilaya tha.
chota hone ki wajh se,
hume pyaar to bht mila hai.
aisa lagta hai jaise humare,
ache karmo ka taufa ? hai.



Laughter is a Good Medicine ,
It kills Tension & Stress
Laughter is a Magical Feeling ,
Our Body & Mind get Relax.
Laughter is Source of Human Life,
It brings Unity, Peace & Happiness.



It is the Magical Movement of Hands
It Is the Magical Movement of Legs ,
It is Overall Movement of Body & Soul ,
It generates Peace, Happiness & All,
It is the Hidden Power Lives in Every Heart,
Beautiful & Wonderful thing on this Earth.