Forlorn Despair

This forlorn Despair
One beyond repair
The one that I bear
Never to be shared
So i sit here scared
As everyone stares
But none of them cares
Scars Begin to form
From the pain I endure
One that for sure
Eats at my core
Leaving me sore
Creating a Weaving in my mind
A pattern of sadness I find
That drives me to grind
A list of words deprived
Of happiness and strive
Filled with darkness I arrive
To the shackled prison
I call my mind

The Prisoner

I stayed awake as everyone slept,
The prevailing silence felt like death;
Memories haunted the mind
I knew I needed rest.
Revisiting memories never helps.
But there I was…
Remembering them, I felt so cold;
I felt darkness in my soul.
A thunder broke my thoughts
I looked out at the night sky
Where the darkness met the dark;
I realised I was a prisoner,
A prisoner of the past.

Halloween Night

The corpse that walks,
its solemn line.
The vampire stalks, 
finds blood to dine.
The werewolf howls
at the silver moon.
His human form 
what’s showing at noon.
The mummy’s cries
of pain and loss.
His wraps that smell of must and moss.
The witch that flies,
upon her broom
casting curses
and spelling doom.
The black cat scurries,
hisses and claws
through the graveyard walks his paws.