आज आढवले मला अचानक काही
हुबेहूब तीच माझ्या जणू काही समोर आली….

तीचे ते स्मीत हास्य बघुन
मी पण मोहुन गेलो अन्
थोडा आनंदीत झालो……

चालुन जणू आली ती माझ्या समोर अन्
माझे डोळे लपलपकले तीला बघुन
थोडा सा गहवरलो अन्
तीच्या शी बोलल्या लागलो….

मी बोलत होतो खुप काही
ती ऐकून घेत होती पण शांतच होती
ती नेहमी प्रमाणेच अबोल होती….

मी तिला बघून बोलत गेलो अन्
ती स्तब्ध बसून ऐकत गेली….

अबोल ती अशी अन्
हास्य तीचे स्मीत
बघुन तीला असे शांत
मला न राहवता आले….

थोडेसे तीला मी हलवले अन्
तु पण बोल म्हटले……

त्याच क्षणी माझे डोळे उघडले अन्
बघितले तर हे स्वप्न होते……

mujhe achha lagta h

Tujhe muskarate dekhna achha lagta h..
Teri bina kahe parwah karna achha lagta h.. Tujhse kabhi jhut na bolpana achha lagta h.. Tujhe online dekh dil ka khush ho jana achha lagta h..
Teri status ki pic ko Google drive mai save Karna achha lagta h..
Humesa tere sms ka intzar karna achha lagta h..
Tere sath bitaya hua har pal mujhe achha lagta h..
Mujhe tera intzar karna aaj bhi achha lagta h..

अजीब सी कैफियत हुई प…

अजीब सी कैफियत हुई पड़ी है जिंदगी की…
अब उसे पाने की इच्छा ही नहीं रही…….
मैं उसे खुश देखकर खुश हो जाता हूं और मेरे दोस्त उसे भाभी बोलकर…..✍️®️


baato ka daur kuch iss trh suru hua na wo ruky na hm ruky…
na din k pta chla na raat ka…….kb baatey pyar m bdl gyi na uss ko pta chla na hme….///

What A Cruel World

Everyday you struggle to get that dream
That dream which always exist in your mind every minute of the day
That dream where you dont wanna give up and throw away
That dream when you think about it your heart shrinks because you cant find a way
That dream even hope cant be seen you stand still and continue to say
I wont give up, I will do everything, I will struggle hard, I will endure the pain
But still you cant find a progress and find out that whatever you do its impossible to gain
Even so, you’re still holding on to that impossible dream and never complain
Time, sacrifices and countless of efforts are being poured like rain
To that dream seemingly impossible for you to obtain
But why o why your dream can be get effortlessly by others without so much care
Your efforts his efforts your struggles his struggles even impossible to compare
Feeling powerless, you try to hold your tears, look up the skies and stare
Losing hope you began to ask questions and say why is it so unfair?
Why does this happen?
Why does it hurts so much?
Why does my dream are being made a joke by others?
Why does i feel so useless and incompetent?
Why does anger vibrates off my chest?
Why does tears come running in my eyes?
Oh why oh why? What a cruel world.

Forlorn Despair

This forlorn Despair
One beyond repair
The one that I bear
Never to be shared
So i sit here scared
As everyone stares
But none of them cares
Scars Begin to form
From the pain I endure
One that for sure
Eats at my core
Leaving me sore
Creating a Weaving in my mind
A pattern of sadness I find
That drives me to grind
A list of words deprived
Of happiness and strive
Filled with darkness I arrive
To the shackled prison
I call my mind