Power & Mercy (Ramdari Singh Dinkar Translated)

Exoneration, compassion, absolution,
Sacrifice and morale;
Oh! You believed in that all
Could you cause that diabolic Suyodhan to fall?

The forgiveness you showed,
You believed it was virtuous,
But as evil Kauravas understood,
Your timidity was so obvious.

Magnanimity is so brilliant
Bestowed by a venomous snake;
Granted by a modest, fangless serpent
Seems so worthless and fake!

Bygone were thirty days
Seeking passage from the ocean
Chanted songs in your ways
Requesting with modesty and affection.

The ocean was calm
Indifferent and unperturbed
Awakened was masculinity of impatient Ram
Blazing bow and arrow was unearthed!

The sea fell on his feat
With cry for absolution
Accepting the defeat
With feelings of humiliation.

Oh! Speaking of the truth
Lies the strength of modesty
In ones courage and strength
Who possess the chutzpah for victory!

Tolerance, compassion and amnesty
Finds recognition in the world
When it basks in the glory
Of courageous, powerful and bold.